Guillermo Rauch


Guillermo Rauch

I’m a software engineer and CEO of Vercel. I’m originally from Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I owe much of my career to the Web and Open Source.

I spent my early teens advocating for and teaching people how to use Linux and later developed a passion for JavaScript and Web development.

After joining the MooTools core team, I got my first full-time job as a frontend engineer at 18 years old and relocated to San Francisco, CA.

I started my first company Cloudup in SF which was later acquired by Automattic, the company behind WordPress, to power their editing and site building technology.

After being involved in creating numerous influential open source projects like Socket.IO and Mongoose, I saw the opportunity in creating tooling and cloud infrastructure to make the Web faster, with a focus on developer experience (DX).

Next.js and Vercel were born. Our platform now helps power the online presence of companies like Washington Post, Porsche, Under Armour and Nintendo.

Technical contributions